Perlindungan Hukum Terhadap Ikan Hiu Belimbing (Stegostoma Fasciatum) Dari Aktifitas Illegal Fishing


  • Bagus Dewana Faculty Of Law, Mulawarman University
  • Siti Kotijah Faculty Of Law, Mulawarman University
  • Agustina Wati Faculty Of Law, Mulawarman University


Protection, Supervision, Sharks


Starfruit Sharks (stegostoma Fasciatum) are endangered species which are the top species of predators or peak positions in the food chain in the Berau Sea. The area of shark hunting in Indonesia is located in the waters of the Berau Regency where nearly 200 (two hundred) tails are caught annually. Large-scale illegal fishing and capture of sharks causes disruption of the food chain balance in the marine ecosystem /environmental damage. to prevent a decline in starfruit shark populations from illegal fishing. The type of research used is empirical juridical where legal research serves to see the law in terms of artifacts and examine how the law works in the community of Tanjung Redeb District, Berau district. As well as qualitative data analysis.

Due to the absence of national or international regulations governing the legal protection of starfruit sharks, it is hoped that the Berau District Government will immediately ratify the Regional Regulation on Legal protection for all Sharks and other marine biota. In order for those who violate to get strict sanctions and to avoid environmental damage in the sea of Berau especially and it is hoped that this starfruit shark can be included in National and International regulations. It is expected that the Berau Regency Government can optimize the community watchdog group to supervise the Starfruit Shark (Stegostoma Fasciatum) from Illegal Fishing activities in Berau where the starfruit shark population is decreasing.


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