Reduksi Otonomi Seluas-Luasnya Dalam Undang-undang Nomor 32 Tahun 2004 tentang Pemerintahan Daerah

  • ACHMAD AZIS Universitas Trunojoyo


Article 18 in Amandement of Indonesia’s Constitution (UUD 1945) recognizes authority of local
government by which it regulates it’s authority by self government, that was regulated in
Constitution. Article 18 section (5) of Indonesia’s Constitution explained that local government can
apply it’s autonomy to regulate authories in line with the Constitution except those remarked as
the authorities of central government. Meanwhile, Act of 32 of 2004 applied principle of autonomy
of local goverment that has reducted. Based on this explanation, the aim of this research is the first
attempt to analyze principle of autonomy of local goverment in Constitution and secondly to
analyze the implimentation of local government authority according to Act of 32 of 2004. This
research applies an inquiry of analytical jurisprudence paradigm. This methode has applied
to research “the existing national law in its day to day practice, and the law in action” of each
system, therefore this is explanatoris and analysis research.
Key words: otonomi (autonomy), pemerintahan daerah (local government)


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