Ilmu Hukum Dalam Pusaran Perkembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan



Early development of Law Science as a part of science definitely continues to have
advanced progression. At certain age, law science idealism has been accompanied with
natural law idealism. At other age, normative-positivist idealism also dominates all
thoughts about law. The charming appeal of normative-positivist idealism brings some
people to regard it as the sole perspective and the underlying characteristic of law
science. In the midst of recently uproarious science development, normative-positivist
mainstream paradigm finally faces a challenge, questioning whether it refers to a sole
perspective of law science. Do any other more progressive law perspectives exist with
capability to take law science into a genuine science? In the midst of recent science
development, law science seems incapable to deny a fact that it has a susceptibility to
the effect of more developing science.
Key words : Ilmu hukum (law science), ilmu pengetahuan (science)


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