Urgensi Terhadap Pembentukan Rancangan Peraturan Daerah Kota Samarinda Tentang Penyiaran Televisi Kabel Berlangganan

  • INSAN TAJALI NUR Universitas Mulawarman


Human desire to entertainment amusement world and information there are and started since a
period of history. But that way, we cannot get out of negative impact which marked by article appearance,
news, picture, advertisement and display signalizing pornography, porno action, mystique, kriminal and
other which do not in line with religion , cultural and social norms of Indonesian nation which contained
in Five Principles and Peraturan Perundang- Undangan State Philosophy Republic Of Indonesia. Since it
cannot deny that television represent one of the electronic media medium which enthused by many world
society. Not yet it him clarity to legal fundament and arrangement taken as Guidance to observation and
management of Channel cable television subscribe to in town of Samarinda represent challenge to
government of town of Samarinda to immediately to make an policy in the form of containing by law of
prohibited rights,which executed,an matter and also sanction to side which impinge good by law rule to
entrepreneur of cable television subscribe to, institute and society in charge arrange and observe all
activity related to cable television channel.
Key words : raperda televise kabel (draft by rule district area of cable television), eksekutif (executive),
legislatif (legislative), masyarakat (society), pengusaha (entrepreneur).


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