Peer Review Process

The Editor-in-Chief will conduct a preliminary assessment of each submitted manuscript based on its suitability to the focus and scope of the journal. If the submitted manuscript meets these criteria, the Editor-in-Chief assigns it to a member of the Editorial Team (editor) who will conduct a second assessment of the manuscript based on the quality of the manuscript and the validity of the article and its writing.

If the submitted manuscript is suitable for review, it will be submitted or reviewed by one to two journal Reviewer members who have no potential conflict of interest. If editors do not find a specific review for the submitted manuscript, they will look for other specialists from topics of equal repute and based on their expertise and standing in the field. The peer-review process is carried out by blind review.

Reviewers will return their recommendations and reports to the editor, providing general comments to the editor and general and special comments to the author. Constructive comments that might help authors improve their work are submitted anonymously (even if the editor does not accept the submitted manuscript). After that, the editors assess them collectively, and then make a decision, either by themselves or consult with other editors about whether to reject the manuscript. The final decision on admission for publication lies with the Editor-in-Chief.

The editor will communicate the entire results of the evaluation (rejected, accepted or accepted with improvements), including comments on the results of the manuscript review. Revised manuscripts may be subject to further peer review where appropriate.