Konsep Poligami Dalam Hukum Islam

  • HARIYANTI Universitas Mulawarman


Polygamy Marriage Practice actually does not have origin from Islam Law but earlier
religious civilizations in old age already adopt such practice. When Islam comes, the
widely accepted polygamy without doubt suddenly enters a regulation process. The
arrival of Islam Law brings along a strong base to regulate and to limit the negative
impact resulted from polygamy (married with two women or more). Islam gives
opportunity of polygamy to become a guidance of life. However, Islam put forth the
requirements of polygamy, including the limit of four-wives-only, the capability of
being fair and equal, and taking the widow into account as way of charity.
Key words: poligami (polygamy), perkawinan (marriage), adil (fair), suami (husband), istri (wife),
lebih dari satu istri (married with two women or more).


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