Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dalam Perspektif Undang-undang Nomor 40 Tahun 2007 tentang Perseroan Terbatas

  • NUR ARIFUDIN Universitas Mulawarman


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) constitutes a commitment in the limited
company or business world to give a contribution to sustainable economic rate for
immediate community as well as to take the responsibility of the balance between
economic, social, and environment through ethic and moral considerations. Such
consideration may be evident as written in an article of Undang-undang Nomor 40
Tahun 2007 tentang Perseroan Terbatas. The complexity challenging Indonesian seems
awful in the recent years. CSR pumps out a little hope to become a concept with
breakthrough alternative in dealing with poverty through limited company
supported by reliable legislations.
Key words: tanggung jawab sosial dan lingkungan (social and environment responsibility),
perseroan (corporate), keseimbangan (balance)


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