Penelitian Hukum: Dari Monodisipliner Ke Interdisipliner

  • RIKARDO SIMARMATA Universitas Balikpapan


More than successfully matching the doctrinal law science and social science, the studies of
socio-legal keep the distance between both closer. A way to do this seems through suggesting for
the social sciences, like sociology, to avoid from the allergy against studying the doctrine and
content of law. Law sociology contributes to the explanation of the nature of law through its
empirical studies. Any contributions from the legal ideas actually emanate from the law philosophy.
Instead, the doctrinal law science needs to develop the review on law texts using theories or
concepts of social sciences. Such steps become trustable since the legal rules appear away from the
previous simplicity, following the more developed regulatory rules.
Key words: penelitian hukum doktrinal (doctrinal legal research), ilmu sosial (social science), penelitian
hukum sosial (socio-legal studies).


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