Pendaftaran Tanah Dalam Sertipikasi Hak Menurut Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 24 Tahun 1997 Tentang Pendaftaran Tanah

  • HAIRAN Universitas Mulawarman


The development of Indonesian land registration has some complexities. In term
of history, the agrarian consideration develops well in ancient time. Before the
Netherlands based Agrarian Act (Agrarisch Wet), land registration has been conducted
by the government of Netherlands, known as Kadasteral or kadaster. Since gaining its
independence, Indonesia considers the new registration by establishing Indonesian
genuine law products after the prevailing of Indonesian Republic Act No.5 of 1960 on
Agrarian Principles. The government follows it by validating the Government
Regulation No.10 of 1961 on Land Registration. During a longer period, since 1961 to
1997, and following the development of land registration, in 1997, the prevailing of
Government Regulation No.24 of 1997 on Land Registration remains as the perfection
of previous regulation.
Key words: pendaftaran tanah (land registration), sertipikat (certificate), hak (right)


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